First Batch of 2015 is safe and happy in the Brooders

The brooders are stoked and stocked with the first batch of chicken people. They are now a week old and everyone is healthy and happy. Chores are much easier this year now that we have our systems developed (well, there’s always a little bit of tweaking needing to do around the farm).  The cows have arrived to begin preparing the pasture for when we put these little 3 week old tykes on the fields. To a 3 week old chicken person, a 6″ blade of grass looks like a telephone pole so the cows are moved onto the grass first to shear off the grass, and to leave behind mud pies to play in and harvest grubs from.  It’s all a circle.


Preparations for the season

The snow is nearly gone from the fields. Our website is up and running. Last years book-keeping is almost done. And new supplies, feed and shavings are ordered. Now its time to set up the brooders in anticipation of our first batch of babies arriving 3rd week of April. Sending good vibes out to the hens and roosters at the breeding farm. They’ll be laying our little people soon. Here’s a photo of what’s to come.

Warm and toasty under the brooder, and a thermostat wire to play with

Warm and toasty under the brooder, a thermometer wire to play with and a thermostat coil to rest a weary chick’s beak on.